Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So I know that I cannot live without my hair straightener (or flat iron, is you prefer that phrase). Without that thing my hair is a hot mess. When my three year old, tried and true flat iron died this spring I sadly retired it to the trash and went on a hunt for a new one. I already knew I wanted a CHI. My friends use this brand and having had used theirs I knew it would get hot enough to tame my. at times, wire-like curls. Fortunately for me my search did not last long. After checking out a few websites for prices I found which not only had the best price, it looked legit (you never know with the internet). I decided to take a leap of faith and ordered a CHI flat iron for less then half of its normal retail price from the site and to my delight it came fast and flawless.

Now, the CHI is not without is downfalls. It is known to just stop working for no apparent reason (or totally blow out if you take it to Europe and plug it into those stupid European outlets). So I was not surprised when mine did. But Misikko customer service was prompt with email replies and when I told them my issue they exchanged the broken appliance for a new one free of charge. The CHI has a year long warranty, but Misikko did not have to cover the shipping costs and they graciously did. In summary I HIGHLY recommend this site for any purchasing of hair appliance.

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