Friday, July 17, 2009

Love Story

So I am about as far as anyone to getting married. However, I am a huge wedding buff and friends often tease me about reading wedding magazines and talking about my future nuptials. I even considered being a wedding planner at one point because I love them so much. Today I found myself having a Friday night in watching TLC's Say Yes To The Dress and decided to check out their selection of dresses for myself. On Kleinfeld's(This is the store where the show takes place, located in NYC) website has a great way to search for your perfect dress. You can select everything from silhouette, to neckline, to designer. I favor sheath dresses, sweetheart necklines, and delicate cap sleeves. What can I say? I'm slightly traditional. I found quite a few dresses I would love to wear on my day. One in particular caught my special attention. A beautiful sheath dress by Claire Pettibone, a California-based designer. The really nice thing about this store is the special attention each client gets and the amazing amount of selection they have in dresses. You get to see this on the show which is why I LOVE watching it. There are always some interesting brides, I especially love the melt downs.

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