Monday, July 27, 2009

Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009

My birthday present from my sister was tickets to the Jonas Brothers World Tour show at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit on 7/26/09. My sissy and I had a fabulous time bonding and singing. :) The openers were pretty darn good too.

{Mr. Joe Jonas} {Mr. Kevin Jonas} {Mr. Nick Jonas}

Monday, July 20, 2009

21 Candles

Its my 21st Birthday today. :) I'm legal now YAY!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sweet Summer Time

Nothing says America better then the good old sport of Baseball in the middle of July. Today and my family went to a minor league game in my home town of Midland. Our small city owns the team called the Midland Loons. We brought our relatives from New York, my Aunt, Uncle, and two young cousins. We had a blast and I don't think anyone had more fun then the kids! Which was the goal. Take a look. :)

{Aunt Barb, Mom, the kids, and I}

{Mom & I}

{Brandon on the Jungle Gym} {Ashley on the Slide}

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pow Wow

Quite a few summers ago I went on a two week mission trip to South Dakota and worked on an Native American reservation. While I was there we did have an opportunity to shop at some small local stores, and to my delight I picked up some beautiful authentic "Indian" jewelry. Now, that was not the point of the trip and I did learn lots and build a few things, but those were the keep sakes I got to bring home with me. Ever since that trip I have held a fascination with Native American culture, art, and of course accessories. I feel in love with this Jessica Simpson Woodstock Cross-body purse. Not only to I love this style of purse (so convenient!) but I love the leather + bead combo. Would go perfect with the jewelry I already have! :) At only $88 right now it would be a great birthday gift (wink wink). If only I hadn't already asked for an external hard drive.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Love Story

So I am about as far as anyone to getting married. However, I am a huge wedding buff and friends often tease me about reading wedding magazines and talking about my future nuptials. I even considered being a wedding planner at one point because I love them so much. Today I found myself having a Friday night in watching TLC's Say Yes To The Dress and decided to check out their selection of dresses for myself. On Kleinfeld's(This is the store where the show takes place, located in NYC) website has a great way to search for your perfect dress. You can select everything from silhouette, to neckline, to designer. I favor sheath dresses, sweetheart necklines, and delicate cap sleeves. What can I say? I'm slightly traditional. I found quite a few dresses I would love to wear on my day. One in particular caught my special attention. A beautiful sheath dress by Claire Pettibone, a California-based designer. The really nice thing about this store is the special attention each client gets and the amazing amount of selection they have in dresses. You get to see this on the show which is why I LOVE watching it. There are always some interesting brides, I especially love the melt downs.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So I know that I cannot live without my hair straightener (or flat iron, is you prefer that phrase). Without that thing my hair is a hot mess. When my three year old, tried and true flat iron died this spring I sadly retired it to the trash and went on a hunt for a new one. I already knew I wanted a CHI. My friends use this brand and having had used theirs I knew it would get hot enough to tame my. at times, wire-like curls. Fortunately for me my search did not last long. After checking out a few websites for prices I found which not only had the best price, it looked legit (you never know with the internet). I decided to take a leap of faith and ordered a CHI flat iron for less then half of its normal retail price from the site and to my delight it came fast and flawless.

Now, the CHI is not without is downfalls. It is known to just stop working for no apparent reason (or totally blow out if you take it to Europe and plug it into those stupid European outlets). So I was not surprised when mine did. But Misikko customer service was prompt with email replies and when I told them my issue they exchanged the broken appliance for a new one free of charge. The CHI has a year long warranty, but Misikko did not have to cover the shipping costs and they graciously did. In summary I HIGHLY recommend this site for any purchasing of hair appliance.