Sunday, December 7, 2008

Procrastination Station

Ok, so I should really be studying for my one final and doing my projects but instead I decided to just update my blog. Since its the end of the semester I am reflecting what I have accomplish, which is surprisingly a lot. My classmates and I have had several tough and rather exahusting projects. Project one was our 'Nursing Home Project'. I was lucky to have a fantastic group that got a lot swimmingly. I was assigned the kitchen and dinning room, which are red and brown and featured in the presentation board below.

Second project was hand renderings of the computer generated spaces we did for the last project. I rather liked mine. This is a view of the modern kitchen I created. The quality of the photo is poor, I apologize.

I now need to get back to work on Project Three, which is actually turning out to be my favorite.


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  1. Good luck on your last week of school! See you at home soon! ♥