Saturday, August 30, 2008

Leg it For Life

So the race that I have been training for all summer finally came ... and went, with surprising ease. I was quite proud of myself, thank-you-very-much! I finish, which was my goal ... and I finished with a decent time too -- 31:57 .... and I averaged a 10:17 mile. So not too bad for my first ever 5K.

Although I admit I had no idea what I was doing. I received my welcome pack with had my number a t-shirt and a little chip-thing. It took me a couple minutes to realize that the chip was my timer .... I then proceeded to wonder where to put it since I had no pockets. I was at the point of sticking it in the waistband of my running capris when I looked around and saw that you are suppose to lace them onto your shoe. WOW I felt stupid.

I also wasn't sure if you were allowed ipods -- which you are ... DUH -- so I didn't have mine. boo.

But I didn't finished last or embarrass myself so YAY!!!

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