Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fuck you I have tennis

This is for Lisa ...

Long story short, last semester I had a tennis class once a week for one credit. It was fun and everything but it was on Thursday nights(which, for those non-collegiate folks is prime party time) which kinda sucked. Most of my friends forgot that I had this class. My ass-hole friend Hannah texted me before my class one night and that text said "Go get me a slurpee". So naturally, I replied "Fuck you, I have tennis". Now for some reason Hannah found this hilarious, as did Lisa who was with her. I thought it was rather rude and decided to teach them a little lesson if you will hahaha. After tennis I drove to 7-Eleven and bought a slurpee. I then proceeded to take a picture with my phone of me drinking said slurpee and texted it to Hannah and Lisa. I found it quite amusing.

Here is the picture I sent them. :)
(Not my best look, but keep in mind I just played tennis for 2 hours)

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