Monday, June 2, 2008

Best & Worst Dressed

I always love looking at these in magazines, so here are my best and worst dressed from the VMA's.


Liv Tyler is one of my all time favorite actresses and style icons. Shes tall and curvy like me so I'm always interested to see what she wears. I love LC and Audrina's looks from 'The Hills', those girls are too cute. Plus that show is one of my guilty pleasures! Sarah Jessica Parker - love the dress, hate the shoes. So not me. And I don't care what everyone else says, I like this girly, classy look on Paris Hilton!


I hate Lindsey Lohan, her dress looks like napkins and she should have left her hair red. That blond SO washes her out, ew. Anne Hathaway usually does a good job, but this is indescribably bad. And I can't even comprehend what Lucy Walsh was thinking deciding to wear this ruffly mess.

And on a final side note, Will Smith and his son were so so so cute together!

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