Tuesday, May 6, 2008


If you have ever had to move you know how I feel right now. STRESSSSSED. My whole life is in boxes right now, I'm living out of my car, and I have no idea where my planner ended up in all that shit!!! AHHH. I also have never called a power company or cable company in my life. That was ... interesting//difficult. I get to move in tomorrow to my new apartment, and I'm pretty stoked ... mostly because I wont have to move again for another 12 mths. Also because I have a simply fabulous roommate ... my lovely CHRISTA! We meet working at the MSU police station(where we still both work) and I must say it was love at first sight lol! Shes amazing and the apartment is amazing. Moving is not amazing. Anyone got and tips to make it go smoother? Or ideas on what every apartment needs to have? Just things I should make sure not to forget.

I am SO hoping this isnt a disaster.


  1. I'm glad to see you keep updating your blog...
    Jess on the other hand....DOES NOT...she is a blog failure : P

  2. I see that you're stressed with moving you have any pictures for me gurlfriend? The blog is ready for a Chrissy feature :)