Sunday, May 4, 2008

Roma la Citta eterna!!

If you were wondering what the name of my blog meant it is Italian for 'words are beautiful'. I thought that was appropriate since it IS a blog full of my words. I chose Italian because thats the main chunk of my heritage. Its also my favorite part of my ethnicity, which is probably why I talk about it so much(haha, sorry if your getting sick of it Jess, Lisa, and others. lol.) My dad is the one that gave me the Italian(and also German) parts of my heritage. I think I look pretty Italian, I've got the big Italian nose and olive skin. Also my last name is VERY Italian sounding (Mancroni - it also looks//sounds like macaroni). My great grandparents came over to America from the island of sicily, so like they say, I'm PURE Italian ... none of that mixed stuff. I also think that my family was once part of Italian mob, haha. Mostly because at times I think my dad could look like a mobster if he tried.

Two of my very best friends are going to Italy this summer to study abroad. I was suppose to go with them, but got wait listed for the program(MSU is SO GAY). HOWEVER, I am extremely happy and excited for them, and told them they better send me postcards(*ahem* that was another hint lis, jess). After Italy they are going to London as well! Both are a huge fan of The Beetles and other music I don't really understand, but they are going to go to Abby Road and take pictures. Also, Platform 9 3/4 at kings Crossing Train Station(Harry Potter reference :D).


  1. Well look at it this least you will still have a full bank account :(

    (its beAtles :x lol. But i love you anyways)

  2. GAH CHRISSY! BEATLES! wow and im determined to make you appreciate them by the end of the summer, amongst other musical loves of mine

    and dont worry ill get you something fab :)