Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm a horrible Blogger!

I totally apologize for not posting in over a week. In my defense I've been settling into my full time work schedule and I am continuing my move in. It's completely exhausting, but I do love my job and my boss, so it's all worth it.

My best friends have left for their trip abroad, and I miss them TERRIBLY. However, I'm having a blast with my new roomie Christa. She is a complete doll, and I really think that we were made to room together. This past weekend was our first together in our new apt, and we decided to check out the local East Lansing Arts & Crafts Fair which happens each spring. It was completely adorable, and so much to look at. I enjoy people watching and there was ample opportunity, and a variety of characters there. And a lot of cute dogs! Christa and I both bought little matted, calligraphy art pieces that have our names(spelled correctly FOR ONCE) on them and their meaning. Since we practically have the same name, and since they both derived from CHRIST, they mean the same thing. But we thought they were cute. We also stumbled on a local church book sale, and got tons of books for under $2! As my friend Hannah would say 'It was UNREAL'.

We also went to Home Depot today to pick out paint colors for our apartment! I was so excited, being an Interior Design major and all. I must say I was thinking of a theme to match my bed spread that I got from target last summer. Its very girly and fanciful, with orange, green, and brown butterflies all over it.

So I was originally going to go for an orange and coffee brown color scheme. However, I stumbled across this photo once on another design blog and was very inspired by how quirky and creative the idea and color is. So I'm quite torn.

Any opinions or suggestions from my designer friends out there?? There's so many choices! Help!

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