Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Carrie Can't Go Wrong

I'd like to think that I have a wide scope when it comes to my taste in music. When I was a kid in middle school, I was one of the 'top 40' kind of people and the first CD I ever bought was Brittany Spears. Since then I've come a long way. In high school my best friends really got me into country music, which I LOVE now. I also adore alternative, pop, R&B, classical, rap, even a little reggae. Basically everything except screaming rock and, to my friend Jessica's extreme dismay, classic rock. Not all classic rock .... just most of it.

Now to my point. I am currently OBSESSED with Carrie Underwood. I never have really watched American Idol(maybe once or twice) and I hate reality TV(except Tila Tequila - my guilty pleasure). I didn't even know about Carrie Underwood until I heard her on the radio. I instantly liked her voice, it was strong and pleasant to the ear. I bought her first CD and haven't stopped listening to it since. Her songs are like the soundtrack to my life. My two favorites from her first album are 'Lessons Learned' and ' Young and Beautiful'. But honestly they are all so good. And her latest album blew my mind. 'Flat on the Floor' is so unreal. She is just high quality if you like country music. And she is gorgeous! Her fashion choices are so elegant. She is someone I look up to, even though she is only a couple years my senior. Definitely look out for her.

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