Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Hint of Mint

So I've been thinking a lot about my room and what color to paint it. I cant decide but now I'm leaning towards a bright, light, and almost mint green to put on my walls. The bedspread I have does have green in it, as does my sheets, so it would work. Heres some pictures showing kind of what I'm thinking.

I'm not talking about the style of the room, just the paint color. Plus none of them are quite the right shade ... but you get the jist of it. Any thoughts?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Carrie Can't Go Wrong

I'd like to think that I have a wide scope when it comes to my taste in music. When I was a kid in middle school, I was one of the 'top 40' kind of people and the first CD I ever bought was Brittany Spears. Since then I've come a long way. In high school my best friends really got me into country music, which I LOVE now. I also adore alternative, pop, R&B, classical, rap, even a little reggae. Basically everything except screaming rock and, to my friend Jessica's extreme dismay, classic rock. Not all classic rock .... just most of it.

Now to my point. I am currently OBSESSED with Carrie Underwood. I never have really watched American Idol(maybe once or twice) and I hate reality TV(except Tila Tequila - my guilty pleasure). I didn't even know about Carrie Underwood until I heard her on the radio. I instantly liked her voice, it was strong and pleasant to the ear. I bought her first CD and haven't stopped listening to it since. Her songs are like the soundtrack to my life. My two favorites from her first album are 'Lessons Learned' and ' Young and Beautiful'. But honestly they are all so good. And her latest album blew my mind. 'Flat on the Floor' is so unreal. She is just high quality if you like country music. And she is gorgeous! Her fashion choices are so elegant. She is someone I look up to, even though she is only a couple years my senior. Definitely look out for her.

Monday, May 19, 2008

No country for Old Greg

So me and many of my friends find the popular viral videos of 'Old Greg' HILARIOUS. I thought I might share some of my sense of humor with you all. Enjoy! ahaha!

Watch this first - The 'Original' Old Greg video:

No country for Old Greg:

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm a horrible Blogger!

I totally apologize for not posting in over a week. In my defense I've been settling into my full time work schedule and I am continuing my move in. It's completely exhausting, but I do love my job and my boss, so it's all worth it.

My best friends have left for their trip abroad, and I miss them TERRIBLY. However, I'm having a blast with my new roomie Christa. She is a complete doll, and I really think that we were made to room together. This past weekend was our first together in our new apt, and we decided to check out the local East Lansing Arts & Crafts Fair which happens each spring. It was completely adorable, and so much to look at. I enjoy people watching and there was ample opportunity, and a variety of characters there. And a lot of cute dogs! Christa and I both bought little matted, calligraphy art pieces that have our names(spelled correctly FOR ONCE) on them and their meaning. Since we practically have the same name, and since they both derived from CHRIST, they mean the same thing. But we thought they were cute. We also stumbled on a local church book sale, and got tons of books for under $2! As my friend Hannah would say 'It was UNREAL'.

We also went to Home Depot today to pick out paint colors for our apartment! I was so excited, being an Interior Design major and all. I must say I was thinking of a theme to match my bed spread that I got from target last summer. Its very girly and fanciful, with orange, green, and brown butterflies all over it.

So I was originally going to go for an orange and coffee brown color scheme. However, I stumbled across this photo once on another design blog and was very inspired by how quirky and creative the idea and color is. So I'm quite torn.

Any opinions or suggestions from my designer friends out there?? There's so many choices! Help!

Friday, May 9, 2008


So besides the awesome fact that I am all moved into my new and fabulous apt. (sans everything but a bed), I also received some VERY EXCITING NEWS today. For the passed two years me and my close I.D. buddies have sweat-ed, toiled, cried, hauled, and generally spent many a sleepless night all for one thing. To move up from our status as PRE-interior Design majors and be accepted into that all mighty and glorious thing know as the upper division Interior Design Program at Michigan State University. There are only 40 people taken each year. And we started with about 120 people in our class as freshman. Well thats all over now, and I am proud to say that I HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED INTO THAT UPPER DIVISION INTERIOR DESIGN PROGRAM. Its all I have thought about, cried about, obsessed over, and feared for the last 3ish years of my life. And I can't believe it happened. :D For once in my life my hard work has paid off.

I'd also like to congratulate my three fabulous friends Jessica, Andrea, and Lisa who worked beside me the last two year for ALSO getting into the program. We did it guys!! :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


If you have ever had to move you know how I feel right now. STRESSSSSED. My whole life is in boxes right now, I'm living out of my car, and I have no idea where my planner ended up in all that shit!!! AHHH. I also have never called a power company or cable company in my life. That was ... interesting//difficult. I get to move in tomorrow to my new apartment, and I'm pretty stoked ... mostly because I wont have to move again for another 12 mths. Also because I have a simply fabulous roommate ... my lovely CHRISTA! We meet working at the MSU police station(where we still both work) and I must say it was love at first sight lol! Shes amazing and the apartment is amazing. Moving is not amazing. Anyone got and tips to make it go smoother? Or ideas on what every apartment needs to have? Just things I should make sure not to forget.

I am SO hoping this isnt a disaster.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Roma la Citta eterna!!

If you were wondering what the name of my blog meant it is Italian for 'words are beautiful'. I thought that was appropriate since it IS a blog full of my words. I chose Italian because thats the main chunk of my heritage. Its also my favorite part of my ethnicity, which is probably why I talk about it so much(haha, sorry if your getting sick of it Jess, Lisa, and others. lol.) My dad is the one that gave me the Italian(and also German) parts of my heritage. I think I look pretty Italian, I've got the big Italian nose and olive skin. Also my last name is VERY Italian sounding (Mancroni - it also looks//sounds like macaroni). My great grandparents came over to America from the island of sicily, so like they say, I'm PURE Italian ... none of that mixed stuff. I also think that my family was once part of Italian mob, haha. Mostly because at times I think my dad could look like a mobster if he tried.

Two of my very best friends are going to Italy this summer to study abroad. I was suppose to go with them, but got wait listed for the program(MSU is SO GAY). HOWEVER, I am extremely happy and excited for them, and told them they better send me postcards(*ahem* that was another hint lis, jess). After Italy they are going to London as well! Both are a huge fan of The Beetles and other music I don't really understand, but they are going to go to Abby Road and take pictures. Also, Platform 9 3/4 at kings Crossing Train Station(Harry Potter reference :D).

Friday, May 2, 2008


So I am a HUGE fashion fan, and although I am not the most knowledgeable on all the top designers (like my friend Hannah) I'd like to think I dress pretty stylishly. At least for my age & occupation ... which is a college girl with no money. I love these jeans from the Buckle, which is one of my favorite stores. I always feel denim is something you should invest in because you wear it so much. At least ... I do. These are Big Stars, and I love the wash and pocket detail(and not too expensive). SO CUTE! I have to state that I really do like and know some designers (if only I could afford it!) and Marc Jacobs is one of my absolute loves! Heres a Marc Jacobs bag that I really, really want. I feel I must say that I have a large purse fetish and this would totally satisfy my cravings.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Scarlett Johansson

So I have been dying to comment on the fact that Scarlett Johansson is singing. I adore this song! I really think that her music will be taken seriously, unlike the poptart stuff that Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton have been trying to sing (trying being the operative word). Her voice is deep and penetrating , and I will definitely be watching out for her.

Also ... I mostly started this blog just so I could comment on this. I wanted to be the first of my group of friends to 'discover' her. Because they never believe me and don't take me seriously. So they probably won't believe that I like this music. Not that I'm super into alternative stuff, or that I 'm a huge fanatic on listening to unknown bands. I just would like to prove that I am deeper than ... well just deep. I do have a silly side and I'm usually quite light hearted, but hopefully this blog will reveal the more serious side (NO comments on that statement guys).